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Online Poker Free & Easy

Nightlypoker is the easiest way to play Texas Hold’em Poker online. It's a free service that allows you to create a game and invite your friends or let anyone join a game who wants to. The only things you have to do is to give yourself a name and share a link for your friends to join or switch the game to public so anyone can play with you.

Poker Table top-down view

The Rules

For the moment beeing nightlypoker just allows plain Texas Hold’em without much customization thus the rules are the same. There is one Big and one Small Blind, they have to bet at the start of each round so no one can just sit there and watch. Each round will start with new Blinds.

Besides that there are the four betting rounds – preflop, flop, turn and river – in which you can call, fold, check or raise. Each player will get two cards at the start of every new round. Five more cards will be revealed during the betting rounds – 3 flop cards, 1 turn card and 1 river card.

The game creator specifies the start balance for the players and the initial Big Blind bet value. Should a player lose the connection or leave the game, the match will be frozen until they reconnect. Should the creator lose the connection or leave, the match will be cancelled. The current player does not have a timelimit in which he must perform an action, the others have to wait.

A game ends when every player except one has lost their money.

Other than that – be nice!

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Want to contribute?

Found a bug? Want to request a feature? Or just anything else related to online poker / nightlypoker / life? Then contact me via Twitter at @andybitz_ or write an email to me at Please bare in mind that answering could take a while since nightlypoker is just a side project I work on in my free time and therefore has not the highest priority of things to do.